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Clicking PRODUCTS in the top banner takes you to the PRODUCTS Page. Here, you:

  1. Can see and search through all products is tracking for you

  2. Add / Remove products one by one

  3. Add / Remove / Update products in bulk

Each product is listed with its SKU, name, product tag, category, number of ratings and rating summary XREF, and net promoter score.

Clicking a product name will take you to the PRODUCT DASHBOARD for that product.

The table of all your products can be sorted alphabetically by name or brand by clicking this column header once and clicking a second time to reverse the order.

To find specific products, enter any part of the product name, brand, SKU, tag, etc, and click SEARCH or hit “Enter”.

Clicking CLEAR resets all search filters and displays your entire product catalog.

Each product has four icons at the right.

For products with enough data to implement Smart Analytics, clicking the Smart Analytics icon opens the product’s review summary page.

For products that don’t have enough data to implement Smart Analytics, you’ll see a Reports icon, which will open the Reports page.

The Edit icon enables you to edit any of the product fields, tags, or categories.

With the Add Retailer icon, you can add a retailer whose product reviews you want to track.

And with the Retailer icon, you can see the review summary breakdown by retailer.

Below the table is an icon that admin users can use to download the product list, and a button you can click to add a new product.

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