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Note: Adding products can be done by admin users only. If you are not an admin user, contact the member of your team with admin access.

To add a product, go to the PRODUCTS Page, and click the +ADD button at the top of the page.

Enter the product’s info in the provided fields. SKU, Brand, and Product Name can be entered according to your own naming convention, or you can reference the retailer’s product listing for this info.

The “Tag” and “Category” fields allow you to label products within consistent groups for filtering across various reports in the platform. As an example, if you sell home appliances, you can create categories for Kitchen Appliances and Laundry Appliances, and tags for toaster, microwave, dryer, etc. Read more about Product Tags.

All fields entered in this first step do not affect how reviews are tracked; the platform only needs accurate retailer product listing URLs for this. Just remember that reports throughout will reflect the product details entered.

If this product is from a competitor, check the Competitor box. Many users track competitor reviews in order to see how reviews of their own products are doing by comparison. For Competitor products, you will not receive email alerts.

Visibility of this product within is granted to the user(s) selected. Segment visibility of entered products based on how your team would like to share management of products.

NOTE: If no user is specified, then no user aside from the admin will see it.

When finished, click ADD.

The new product is added to your account and displayed on the PRODUCT Page.

There is one more step to take for to begin tracking this product’s review data. The next step is to add retailer URLs to products from at least one retailer.

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