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Add Retailer URLs to Products
Add Retailer URLs to Products
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Note: Product links can be added by admin users only. If you are not an admin user, contact the member of your team with admin access.

For each product in your account, requires a product listing URL for each retailer site you wish to track review data from. At least one retailer URL is required to start tracking product reviews.

To add a product listing URL to a product in your account, first go to the PRODUCTS Page. Next, click “Actions” next to the product you’d like to add a retailer URL to. Select the drop down “Edit”.

From the drop-down, choose the retailer, such as Amazon or Best Buy.

Enter the product listing URL for the product from the retailer site, and click CREATE.

If Monitor as variation is unchecked, then all products within the parent product will be tracked. A parent product includes all variant products of the same brand and model that have different colors or sizes that are sold on the same product listing. If checked, you’ll need to enter each variant product into individually and include the variant-specific product listing URLs for each individual variation.

Once a retailer URL is entered for a product, the QA team validates and approves it, and the system can start bringing in review data.

It can take a bit of time to gather initial data, depending on the number of reviews.

To add additional retailer links for the product, click the “+” button.

As before, choose the retailer and add the URL, then click CREATE.

Once review data comes in, you’ll be able to see breakdowns by retailers by clicking the RETAILERS icon.

Clicking the icon again closes the list of retailers.

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