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Edit or Remove Products
Edit or Remove Products
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To edit product details or to remove a product from your account, first go to the PRODUCTS Page and click the product’s Edit icon.

Now, you have the option to edit any of the product detail fields, such as product name, tag, or user visibility.

After making any edits changes, click “UPDATE” to save changes. If no changes are needed, click the product’s Edit icon again to close the editing drop-down.

To delete the product, click the garbage can icon. A confirmation label “”REMOVAL REQUESTED” will appear. The Quality Control team will then review the request and remove the product, typically within hours. If a product removal request was made in error, email: [email protected].

To view or edit retailer URLs for a product, click the Retailers icon. This displays all retailer URLs that have been added to the product. Each URL can be edited by clicking the EDIT icon.

A retailer URL can be deleted by clicking the garbage can icon, or you can change the retailer URL. Keep in mind that if you change a retailer URL, any previous data will be removed from your account and replaced with data only from the new retailer URL. Click UPDATE to save changes.

To add a new retailer URL for a product, click the “+” icon, Select the desired retailer from the drop-down and enter the retailer URL. Click ADD to save.

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