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Content Types: Reviews, Q&As and more
Content Types: Reviews, Q&As and more
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Updated over a week ago tracks both reviews and Q&As for each retailer URL connected to your products. There are also several different types of reviews, both verified and unverified and types of incentivized reviews that vary by retailer. These are content types.

On the REVIEWS page, all content types can be seen in the Type filter of the search bar.

Content types are not assigned by you. Content type is an identifier assigned by the retailer, depending on how the content was created and who posted it to the retailer site.

Choosing Question and clicking SEARCH will narrow the list to show only Q&As.

Selecting Review and clicking SEARCH will show all reviews, omitting all Q&As.

To narrow the search results to specific types of reviews, select any of the below in the drop down from Type in the search bar:

Verified and Unverified: Available for Amazon reviews only, verified reviews are from customers who actually bought the product on Amazon. An unverified review is posted by a customer who bought the product elsewhere.

  • Syndicated and Exclude Syndicated: Syndicated reviews that are authorized to appear on more than one site.

  • Vine, Seed, and Spark: Reviews by customers who participate in incentive programs by Amazon (Vine), Seed (Home Depot), or Spark (Walmart). In these programs, customers receive free products in exchange for reviews.

  • Inactive: Reviews that no longer appear on the retail site but are still searchable in your account.

Filter by review type can be combined with other filters in the search bar.

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