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Post a Q&A or Review Reply
Post a Q&A or Review Reply
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Posting public replies to Q&As helps increase purchase confidence. Select retailers also allow brands to respond to reviews, which also helps drive purchases. recommends that your team responds publicly to Q&As and reviews, where possible.

Know that posting a public reply to a Q&A or review on a retailer product page requires an account on the respective retailer site. Certain sites only allow public replies to be posted with a paid partnership with a review syndication company that posts the reply in your behalf.

To prioritize privacy and security of your retailer accounts, does not connect directly to any retailer accounts.

Rather, we make it easy to find which Q&As and reviews need a response from your team and track which ones have already been responded to. Read more about viewing response activity by user under Statistics and Activity.

New Q&As and reviews for all products in your account are conveniently organized for you, sorted by newest at top in the REVIEWS page.

Simply expand the content details with the icon to the right.

Next, click “View Details” to go directly to the Q&A or review on the retailer site. Ensure you are logged in to your company account, then post your public reply.

Lastly, check the box “Reply Posted?” so your team knows this Q&A or review has been responded to.

Note that these same steps can be followed when viewing Q&As and reviews from the PRODUCT DASHBOARD view.

Let’s now look at a step by step example if you were only focused on responding to Q&A’s.

While still on the REVIEWS page, filter the content type to Question and click SEARCH. You can also filter results by a specific brand, tag, or retailer.

Clicking the arrow at the right will expand the content details, showing the text of the Q&A.

By default, the status of a product question is Open Ticket, meaning no action has been taken. If desired, you can change this to Investigating, Resolved, etc. if you need to take any actions internally before posting a public reply to the Q&A. Content status can be used as a filter on the REVIEWS page, if you want to see all Q&As that are being investigated, resolved, etc.

To go to the source of the Q&A on the retailer site, which opens in a separate browser tab, click View Details.

On the retailer site, you can post your answer. Remember, you will need to be logged into your company account on that retail site in order to post.

Returning to, after you submit your public reply on the retailer site, click the Reply Posted button so that you can keep track of which Q&As have been responded to. You can also copy your answer in the Internal Comment field, in order to note the answer itself in the platform.

NOTE: Comments left in the Internal Comment field are ONLY visible to your team within your account and are not posted or viewable elsewhere.

When a Q&A is marked as Reply Posted, a green check mark appears in the last column in the table. This makes it easy to go through the list of Q&As and see what’s already been answered.

To email the text of the Q&A to a colleague, click the Email icon.

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