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Keyword Tag Review and Q&A Content
Keyword Tag Review and Q&A Content
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Updated over a week ago uses natural language processing to automatically tag keywords by sentiment (positive, neutral and negative) found in all reviews and Q&As for products in your account.

These automatically applied keywords can be seen for any individual review on the REVIEWS page and on a product’s PRODUCT DASHBOARD. Also on the PRODUCT DASHBOARD, you can explore trending keywords for an individual product using the Word Cloud.

To explore trending keywords at a higher level, such as by brand, retailer or product category, go to Word Analytics within the REPORTS tab.

If desired, you can also enter additional keywords manually for any content piece (both reviews and Q&As)

Should you consider manually tagging keywords for reviews and Q&As?

If your company uses standardized keywords and terminology to reference products and features, etc. adding your own custom keywords to reviews and Q&As may be helpful. It will allow you to generate keyword reports based on your own keyword naming convention.

Analysis on manually-entered keywords can be found in Keyword Tagging, within the REPORTS tab. This is also where you can Manage Keywords to create a list of manual keywords.

How do you add a custom keyword to a review or Q&A?

First, find the content piece you’d like to add a keyword to on the REVIEWS page or on product’s PRODUCT DASHBOARD.

Next, expand the content details with the icon to the right.

You will then see the automatically tagged keywords identified by Click the Keyword Tagging button to add your own keyword(s).

Enter the keyword, or multiple keywords separated by a comma.

If there are custom keywords that have already been set up for Keyword Tagging reports, those keywords will be available in the Select keyword drop-down list to help ensure consistency of manually added keywords.

When your keywords have been assigned, click SAVE.

The Keyword Tagging button will be highlighted green for all content pieces with custom keywords added.

To view trend data for all custom added keywords across all products in your account, see Keyword Tagging within the REPORTS tab.

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