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Filter REVIEWS Page Results
Filter REVIEWS Page Results
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The REVIEWS page displays all content (both reviews and Q&As) for all products assigned to you.

This page is often used to track Q&As that need to be replied to publicly. It can also be used to explore customer feedback by time period, product tags, and content type.

In the search bar above the table, select the desired filters, then click SEARCH.

Once filters are applied, the search results are narrowed, showing only those content pieces that meet your search criteria.

Selected search filters are highlighted gray and search filters not used remain black.

Once the filter is applied, the list is narrowed to show only those reviews that meet the selected filter criteria. A field that contributes to a filter is highlighted in gray; non-filtering fields remain black.

In the example below, results were filtered to show only verified reviews from the last 30 days on products tagged “Air fryer.”

To modify a filter, change the fields at the top and click SEARCH again. You can clear a filter field by selecting the top option from its drop down. To remove all filters, click CLEAR.

There are many options for filtering content (both reviews and Q&As).

For example, you can filter to see negative unverified reviews, for products of a specific brand.

If you’d like to reply to Q&As publicly, you can filter the list to show only Q&As.

If you’ve set content status for several Q&As as Investigating, you can filter the results to show only Q&As that are being investigated, so you can properly follow up on each and post public replies when you’re ready.

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