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Every product added to your account has its own PRODUCT DASHBOARD.

What does the PRODUCT DASHBOARD do for you?

In the PRODUCT DASHBOARD view, you can do the following for one specific product:

  1. View and search all reviews and Q&As for this one product across all retailers

  2. See rating trends in the Review Summary for this one product across all retailers

  3. Explore trending review topics in the Word Cloud and Q&As in the Question Cloud

  4. Dive deeper into trending topics with the Word Tree

  5. Get the big picture of rating trends across time with the Review Distribution chart

There are two ways to navigate to a PRODUCT DASHBOARD for any product or app added to your account:

1. From the PRODUCTS page, by clicking the name of any product.

2. Or, from the REVIEWS page, by clicking the name of a product on a content piece.

Once you click into the PRODUCT DASHBOARD view for any product, you’ll see a layout like this:

On the PRODUCT DASHBOARD, you can see and search all reviews and Q&As for this one product across all retailers.

By default, the ALL reviews tab is selected. To see only review and Q&A content from a specific retailer, click the desired retailer tab at the top of the page.

Tip: Compare star ratings for your product across all retailers. A lower-than-average star rating on a specific retailer could indicate a problem at the retailer level worth investigating further.

The list of content (both reviews & Q&As) can be sorted in a similar manner as done on the REVIEWS page. For example, you could sort the content for this product by only unverified reviews, only Amazon Vine program reviews, or only Q&As without public replies.

To clear search filters, click the “X” on the search bar:

Combining filters can be helpful when you want to target specific problems. For example, a list of 2-star reviews from unverified Amazon customers may indicate reviews from suspicious accounts, which can be reported.

Learn more about how automatically identifies suspicious review trends for you in Saboteur within the REPORTS tab.

Just like on the REVIEWS page, on the PRODUCT DASHBOARD you can:

A. See and search all reviews and Q&As that is tracking for you

B. View content (reviews and Q&As) details

C. Manage status of all content (reviews and Q&As)

D. Manage public replies to Q&As and reviews, where applicable

Reference these articles for detailed instructions about these for actions:

The Review Summary is displayed on the right hand side at the top of the PRODUCT DASHBOARD.

Let’s discuss what this shows you.

When the All reviews tab on the top of the page is selected, the Review Summary displays a calculated composite star rating for your product across all retailers.

A breakdown of reviews by star rating, verified vs. unverified, and total reviews from participants in invitation-only programs such as Amazon Vine is displayed. The calculated Net Promoter Score is also shown here.

Below the Review Summary in the right hand side you will find the Word Cloud and Questions Cloud for this product.

The Word Cloud displays automatically discovered trending keywords from reviews, with the most mentioned keywords in the largest font. Trending keywords are grouped by sentiment, positive and negative indicated by the sentiment emojis.

The Questions Cloud displays automatically discovered trending keywords found in Q&As. Same as the Word Cloud, keywords are grouped by sentiment.

Click a keyword in either the Word Cloud or Question Cloud to open up the Word Tree view as seen below.

On the Word Tree, all sentences mentioning a selected keyword are displayed. In this example, you can see the note at the bottom, showing the keyword “return” is listed in 28% of all negative reviews across all retailers.

Use the icons at the top to anchor sentences going forwards or backwards. This gives you powerful context about the trending keyword found in either a review (from the Word Cloud) or Q&A (from the Questions Cloud).

Word Analytics allows you to do similar topic trend research across brands, retailers and other customer search criteria.

Continuing down on the right-hand side, you’ll find the Review Distribution chart.

Quickly get the big picture of how this product is trending over time, for the last 7 days, 30 days, or 1 year.

Select your preferred time period and you’ll instantly see the overall average star rating across time, as well as the volume of positive, neutral and negative reviews.

Keep in mind that this chart displays trend data for the retailer tab selected at the top of the page. If All reviews is selected, the Review Distribution chart shows composite averages and totals for all retailers for this one product.

This chart can be helpful for identifying seasonal problems, defective product batches from a manufacturer or issues that may have come up before a product was fixed.

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